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Breast Augmentation

Feel beautiful with the image of your breasts!

Breast augmentation is a procedure of choice for million women around the world in order to correct the shape and size of their breasts, which is no longer satisfies them, because of the laxity or disfigurations caused by pregnancy or due to heredity does not have the size they want.
This need, which is created to maintain or regain a nice and vigorous chest, is achieved by using implants.

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The ideal breasts follows the “45:55” ratio, in which 45% of the breast volume should be above the nipple and 55% of the mass under the nipple. To achieve this ideal ratio, in addition to surgical technique, the selection of the right implants is very important.

There are two types of implants, round and anatomical implants (shape of a drop, tear). The inserts can be placed either under the mass gland, or underneath the upper thoracic muscle or below the major thoracic muscle. Doctor decides which is the best way to place the implants according to the thorax morphology, the chest and according special measurements which are made during your visit. They are placed either by a subcutaneous incision (when the incision is made on the fold under the breast) or by a cutaneous incision (when the incision is made around the areola).

It is usually preferred to access subcutaneous tissue and place an implant of a tracheal surface under the chest muscle (dual plane technique). Implants placement is based on the new 14-point-plan surgical technique guidelines to minimize the likelihood of complications associated with surgery.

During your visit at Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group, Dr. Athanasiou, plastic surgeon, will take into account the morphology of your breasts as well as your needs and expectations and will propose the breast augmentation technique that is most appropriate for you and the implant type that will best fit your figure.

The total duration of the surgery is usually 1 hour, and postoperative hospitalization is not necessary. The patient can return to her activities after 2-3 days while postoperative does not have any particular pain.

Exclusively new technology implants

Back pain, increased risk of thoracic kyphosis, lumbar lordosis and subsequent poor posture are the most common problems associated with breast weight and the pressure to the bones, leading even to an increase of osteoporosis. From an aesthetic view, the heavier the chest is, the more obvious its fall and relaxation, as with the passage of time the uprightness of the elastic tissues decreases. The same applies to breast augmentation, since the gravity forces exerted on a silicone breast are proportional to the weight of the implants. Moreover, because the breast tissues and its ligaments are stressed, sometimes we notice a change in shape or even deformation.

The above problems solved by the world’s one and only low-weight B-Lite implants. The new B-lite implants series is the latest technology in silicone implants, guaranteeing the same growth with 30% -40% less weight. Their innovation is based on the composition of the silicone implants with inert, high purity, hollow borosilicate microspheres. In simpler terms, we could describe them as microspheres of air! It is not a coincidence that the technology on which this type of microspheres are based has been developed by NASA, which uses them to reduce the weight of space buses and to abduction submarines.

In Athens Beverly Hills we use these pioneering implants with spectacular results. Obtain the image and the feeling you want and keep your active lifestyle with 30% lighter implants. B-Lite implants are available in both round and anatomical shape (drop), and have all the necessary certifications and lifetime warranty. In cases where coexists both breasts fall, it is recommended that the surgery should be combined with breast lift (mastopexia). In cases where liposuction has occurred, it is recommended to strengthen the implants with self graft – autologous fat transfer (lipofilling) for even more natural results.

Frequent Questions

In cases where coexists both breasts fall, it is recommended that the surgery should be combined with breast lift (mastopexia). In cases where liposuction has occurred, it is recommended to strengthen the implants with autologous fat transfer (lipofilling) for even more natural results.

The result of breast augmentation is visible straight after the operation. However, the final appearance of the breast can be witnessed one month after surgery when oedema has fully subsided.

The implants we use in ABH Medical have all certifications (FDA, CE) while the manufacturer gives them a lifetime guarantee. However, woman may choose to change them after a few years due to pregnancy, weight changes etc. In most cases, however, implants do not need to be changed.

After surgery, a special bra is placed. The first change takes place on the 1st postoperative day where the bandage is controlled. A smooth massage can help remove swelling and relieve the area. The sutures are absorbable and in the first month it is recommended to avoid heavy hand movements, weight lifting and gymnastics.

Silicone implants do not hinder breast-feeding. A woman who has been submitted to breast augmentation is advised to wear a good bra during the periods of breast-feeding and pregnancy so that her breasts will be well supported.







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