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Breast Asymmetry

By the term breast asymmetry, we mean the asymmetry in the size, shape, and position of the two breasts.

Breast asymmetry may be minimal and unnoticed (there is never the absolute symmetry), or it can reach very big differences between breasts with a psychological effect on woman.

It is believed that more than half of the female population exhibits morphological differences between breasts without significant aesthetic impact. The causes of the phenomenon may be related or acquired.

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All women experience a certain breast asymmetry. However, if this asymmetry is beyond a certain limit it becomes unaesthetic and requires correction. The course of action is decided following a detailed evaluation of both breasts, chest and age. We may either augment the small breast using an implant or reduce the size of the larger breast. Quite often both these procedures are necessary, i.e. simultaneous reduction or lifting of one breast and augmentation or lifting of the other breast.
There is also a congenital abnormality (i.e. a malformation during the embryo’s development) called Poland’s syndrome which is characterized by underdevelopment of the pectoralis major muscle, the cognate breast and a possibility of underdeveloped hand or fingers on the same side.
Reconstruction requires the use of the latissimus dorsi muscle as a rotating flap to replace the pectoralis major and reconstruct the anterior wall of the armpit. The use of silicon implant is also necessary to give the necessary volume to the breast.

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Depending on the method of recovery chosen by the plastic surgeon, restoration of breast asymmetry can be done by reducing the largest breast, or by increasing the smaller breast. In many cases, in order to achieve greater symmetry, both techniques may combined.

Post-operation, patient will need to wear a sports bra. The first change is on the 1st day after the surgery where the dressing is checked and the patient can take a shower. A mild massage can help remove swelling and relieve the area. The sutures are absorbable and in the first month it is recommended to avoid heavy hand movement and gymnastics.

Silicone implants do not prevent breastfeeding. To a woman who has breast augmentation it is recommended during breastfeeding and pregnancy to wear a good bra that will support the breasts properly.







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