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The new global trend from Hollywood, now available in Athens Beverly Hills Medial Group.

The term beautification has become a very popular term lately in the field of aesthetic dermatology. Practically, beautification refers to all the treatments that aim not just to reverse aging but to improve facial features even in young patients.

While cosmetic treatments so far, have been aiming in to changing the contour and shape of the face, quite drastically, patients are now looking for less invasive procedures that will not dramatically change their appearance, they will simply emphasize their natural features.

No more Ken and Barbie models!

The majority of young men and women are nowadays seeking to be the best version of themselves, maintaining their natural expressions lines and facial shape.
Essentially beautification refers to the little injectable secrets that make us look like the Instagram filter of ourselves!

But what does a beautification treatment include?

Practically all these treatments that can bring symmetry and harmony to the face.
• Application of botulinum toxin when to smooth expression wrinkles
• Hyaluronic acid fillers application at the tear trough area under the eyes
• Volume restoration of temples and cheekbones
• Shaping the jawline and contouring
• Nose shape correction with fillers
• Lips enhancement with hyaluronic acid and upper lip lift with threads
• Finally, a brow lift can be achieved if we there is loss of volume or drooping eyelids






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