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Body Hair Removal

Get once and for all!

Hair removal in recent years has become a very widespread process with more and more women and men addresses to the dermatologist in order to eliminate unwanted hair growth.
Laser hair removal is the only that provides immediate and lasting results, without any particular pain, leaving a velvet texture on the skin. It does not cause irritation, reduces hair revitalization, and does not loosen the skin, as is often seen in candle waxing.

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It can applied in all areas of the body that have unwanted hair, such as face, chest, armpits, arms, legs, bikini area, etc.

In ABH Medical Group, the specialized medical staff accomplish with safety hair removal sessions with Arion II, which is the latest technology of Alexandrite laser with guaranteed results.

The advantages of the Alexandrite laser hair removal are mainly related to the process and the results of the application. Arion II, targets hair melanophores, with a wave length of 755nm. By increasing the temperature in the hair follicles, we destroy the cells which responsible for their recurrence.



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