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Brachioplasty is a popular surgical method that aims to eliminate the relaxation in the arm area, by removing excess skin and excess fat. The results are excellent.
Heredity as well as age are factors that affect the appearance of the arm. Over the years your arms may appear loose and exercise is not enough to improve their appearance.
Weight is also a very important factor. Overweight people often experience this problem, but very thin people without strong muscle tissue can often develop arm laxity.

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This particular problem sometimes restricts the people who are facing it in terms of their clothes choices, and may even cause hygiene issues (mostly overweight people).

The brachioplasty method mainly involves two techniques that depends on the degree of skin laxity. The first, more conservative surgical technique, involves the removal of a small amount of excess skin and placing the incision in the armpit area where it can be hidden (fish-mouth technique).

The second technique includes a horizontal cut on the inner side of the arm, in which a larger volume of loose tissue can be removed. After 6 months to one year the incisions are almost invisible. Surgery is performed under local anaesthesia and sedation while hospitalization is not necessary.

Frequent Questions

This surgery is not considered particularly painful. You may have some small disturbances for some days, which are treated with the usual painkillers.

During the first few days after the surgery, the area is tightened and you should be careful about your movements, not weighing for 7-10 days and not making sharp movements.

The results are readily visible, as long as there is no large weight variation and they are not especially altered over time. Of course, aging and gravity never stop!







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