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Buttocks lift

Over time, weight flactuations, especially loss and lack of exercise, the relaxation of the buttocks often requires surgical rehabilitation.

In cases where the projection or size of the buttock or calf is insufficient we are able to increase it using a wide range of techniques. Therefore, augmentation may be achieved either with silicon implants of relevant shape, or by adding fat from a different area of the body – this procedure can take place along with liposuction. Finally, a brand new and very promising technique called MACROLANE involves injection of slowly biodegradable hyaluronic acid in the targeted area delivering truly natural results.

Each technique has its own advantages and disadvantages which should be discussed separately per case with the plastic surgery Dr. Athanasiou during your visit at ABH Medical Group. The procedure is the same as in breast augmentation. Buttock augmentation or lifting allows men and women who have flat or less well-formed buttocks to increase or better shape the area and to achieve harmony between their anterior and posterior profile. Patients feel that clothes have a better fit on them; they feel more attractive and their self-confidence increases.

Frequent Questions

The best candidates are men or women of any age (over 18 years old) with good body contour, who are not happy with the shape and size of their buttocks and wish to increase their projection. However, plastic surgery can not improve problems associated with the psychological state in which the patient is. So it is very important that the patient talks to the doctor what is he expecting from this procedure, what he thinks he will offer to him and what he thinks is the ideal result for him / her. In consultation with the doctor and always based on the medical history of each candidate, we proceed to the intervention.

It could be a possibility if the doctor agrees with the patient that this will give a better result, but also if the individual desires buttocks lift with autologous fat.

The surgery is performed under local anesthesia in the safest conditions. After the surgery, there will be some bruises on the spots. The patient will need to wear a special patch for some time and lie sideways or face to face for a few days.







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