New Cellulite Elimination Service «Spherofill»

ABH Medical Group presents the new Spherofill cellulite elimination protocol!

Spherofill Cell is the new medical device for the effective and permanent treatment of fibrous cellulite.

While most anti-cellulite treatments aim to improve the texture of the skin and fight local fat, they have no effect on eliminating the “dents” that appear on the skin due to the fibrosis that has created intradermally.

With the Spherofill protocol, the fibrosis is accurately located and destroyed, thus eliminating the annoying phenomenon of the “orange peel”!

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How does it work?

The Spherofill Cell has a handle to which a special micro-needle is attached. It is easily and accurately inserted at the desired point of application and cuts both superficially and in deeper layers with the fibrosis. At the same time, a specific radio frequency is emitted which weakens the collagen fibers without causing damage or thermal stimulation.

The Spherofill Cell protocol essentially performs three simultaneous functions:

  • Mechanical cutting of fibers.
  • Thermal destruction of fat cells.
  • Combined infusion of hyaluronidase and mesotherapy.

With this infusion, the effectiveness of the treatment increases, while the aesthetic and therapeutic effect is extended until one and a half years later!

The Spherofill protocol promises a unique and impressive result with just a single application! In fact, we achieve excellent improvement rates from 70% for severe cases of lipodystrophy up to 90% for milder cases of cellulite.

Immediately Visible Results

The results are immediately visible immediately right after the treatment. Especially after the first week that the swelling subsides, the skin acquires a smooth and firm look without the “orange peel”! Also, the results of the treatment are PERMANENT as there is universal destruction of the fibrosis. We must not forget, however, that cellulite is a phenomenon that is due to hormonal reasons as well as diet, so it is always recommended to adopt a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet, proper intake of nutrients and vitamins and exercise!

Frequent Questions

No, it is not a painful treatment as mild local anesthesia is applied to the application points to minimize the feeling of pain!

After the treatment, a slight swelling is created in the treated area as well as a slight ecchymosis. No special care is required afterwards except the use of soothing cream.

The protocol is applied where we have the appearance of orange peel. Due to the micro-needle and radio frequency emission, this treatment has excellent results in areas that are difficult to work in any other way, such as smoothing décolleté wrinkles, combating severe creases in the neck and smoky wrinkles.

This protocol is surprisingly combined with:

  1. Body threads. This achieves the elimination of the cellulite phenomenon and at the same time the erection!
  2. Application of Hydroxyapatite for further tightening
  3. Coaxmed treatments to further improve skin tone!






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