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Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is a condition most of the women face no matter if they are skinny or overweight. 8 out 10 women suffer from cellulite even from adolescence. Cellulite is not just local fat storage. It is actually a condition whereas the muscle tissue is filtered with fat ingredients and water, combined with skin elasticity reduction, edema and appearance of the typical unevenness appearance of the skin most commonly known as orange peel.

Extensive cellulite can even cause pain. Skin that suffers from cellulite can become either very skin or very hard. Cellulite can appear in all body parts, most commonly at thighs, buttocks, stomach, belly and inner part of the arms.

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Causes of cellulite are usually insufficient blood circulation, hormonal issues, smoking, alcohol consumption and bad nutritional habits. Stress, heredity and constipation can also affect this condition. Today, science gives us many weapons to defeat cellulite. And yes there is a permanent solution to cellulite as long as along with all the treatments applied, we also follow a balanced nutrition and exercise plan.




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