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COAXMED CRF is a state-of-the-art medical device that allows same time emission of powerful radiofrequency (RF) and low-frequency ultrasound waves (CAVITATION).

The machine produces strong heat waves that target the deep tissues and mainly the adipose tissue, while simultaneous use of ultrasound leads to cavitation inside the fat cells (small cells within fat cells) and finally complete destruction of the cells.

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The innovative action of COAXMED CRF gives impressive results in a number of challenging aesthetic conditions, mostly cellulite and stubborn fat as well as skin laxity.

The machine is equipped with 3 heads, two for the body and one for the face where it also delivers impressive results both with “lifting” and “contouring” treatments. In Athens Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery we are able to provide top-quality aesthetic and cosmetic applications with the use of COAXMED CRF, a device that ranks among the most powerful medical machines of the world. Treatment lasts for about an hour and 8-12 sessions (one per week) are advised. The results as well as the duration of results can be seen as of the second session and the final result is permanent.





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