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Dark Circles-eyebags

Dark circles occurring in the area of the eyes are the result of hyperpigmentation of the skin under the eyes in both the superficial and the deeper layers of the dermis. They may appear at an early age in both men and women and give the appearance of a tired face. Many times this hypermelaxation is combined with a characteristic “dent” which intensifies the problem of discoloration and makes it more visible. This dent, is the result of loss or atrophy of the tissue of the peri-occlusal region. In contrast to this dent, there is also the eyebag, which is the characteristic bloating created in the lower eyelid by fat accumulation in the perioconstricular area. Each of the above problems may appear on its own, or in combination with the others. It specifically concerns men and women regardless of age and deserves particular attention in its treatment.

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Today there are an awarded number of therapies that can help us deal with these problems. We need to make a proper and comprehensive assessment of the situation and to give the optimal treatment plan.

For dark circles:

  • We can apply bleaching creams as well as mesotherapeutic materials that will improve the skin’s coloring and texture.
  • Also, there is a range of nanotechnology chemical peeling that help in melanin restoration and color balancing.
  • At our disposal we also have biomimetic peptide protocols that combat hypermelaxation and help the body to develop mechanisms in order to fight dyschromia by itself.
  • Finally Silkpeel dermabrasion treatment helps to repair the damage.

However, since the skin tissue tends to return to its “natural” state, patients should often take care of the area. Special attention should be given to the initial diagnosis by the dermatologist as lesions that appear as discoloration, may eventually be due to vascular lesions and / or vascular lesions, and may not be covered by the above methods.

For the “dent” in the eyes:

It is something that can be corrected easily and directly, with the use of hyaluronic acid implants. With a special non traumatic needle, the hyaluronic acid is injected and restores the lost volume from the lower eyelid, smoothing the “dent” and giving a more relaxed look. This treatment is completely painless as an anesthetic cream is applied 30 minutes before application.

When the treatment ends, there might be a small swelling that subsides in 1-2 days. Results last for about 6 months.

For the eyebags:

For the treatment of disturbing eyebags, we apply biomimetic peptide protocols, especially for fat dissolution in the sub-ocular region. The injection of peptides into the adipose tissue contributes to the shrinkage of the fat cells and prevents them from swelling. The area is restored naturally. As the synthesis of new collagen and elastin fibers is stimulated, the firm and youthful appearance of the skin in the lower eyelids is recovered, the “eyebags” disappear and the epidermis returns to a normal level.





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