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Deep face cleansing

The first and main achievement of a cleansing is to improve the condition of the skin.

The most important factor that disturbs the balance of the skin tissue is the hypersecretion of seam, which is due to hormonal disorders, stress, poor nutrition, environmental pollution, and climatic conditions. Unnecessary seam, develops bacteria and creates black spots, pimples, cysts and acne.

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Deep cleansing removes dead cells from the skin, keratin and especially unnecessary seam from the epidermis, preparing her to accept all other treatments such as hydration, vitamin therapy, chemical peelings and all anti-aging therapies.

Deep face cleansing lasts about 2 hours, depending on the type of skin and how problematic a skin is.

It can be applied despite of the age, as well as not only in women but also in men, as in recent years they entered in the field of aesthetics and care.

Goal is to achieve balance of the skin functions and maintain it in a healthy condition. With deep cleansing, we achieve better oxygenation of the skin and maximum penetration of cosmetics.

On average, deep face cleaning should be done every 3-4 months for oily and mixed skins and every 6-8 months for the driest.

The stages of cleaning

  1. Use of emulsion and lotion to remove pollutants and makeup.
  2. Mechanical facial peeling to remove dead cells.
  3. Use of steam by a specialist to open the pores.
  4. Opening the pores by squeezing with the purpose of extracting seam.
  5. With the help of high-frequency currents, we enforce skin antisepsis.
  6. Apply a facial mask according to the needs of each skin.
  7. Place moisturizing cream.

Immediately after treatment, a mild irritation occurs due to blood flow, which disappears during the next hours of the day. In the first 2 days after facial cleansing it is advisable to use medicinal moisturizing and healing creams.




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Deep Facial Cleansing


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