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Chin Reconstruction

Chin surgery is a surgical procedure performed by the plastic surgeon at the chin area to improve the shape of the face, giving a more symmetric appearance. Quite often, a prominent chin or any other problem around the area causes attention and alters the remaining features of the face. After the procedure, most patients get positive comments on their appearance, while those who see them are unable to tell exactly where the change comes from.

Chin surgery is performed under general anesthesia and the doctor uses implants in order to achieve the desired effect. Implants in the chin area come in different shapes and sizes and are made of solid and semi-solid materials used successfully for many years now. Despite the great difference following the procedure, the result is absolutely natural and justifies the patient’s choice to proceed with the operation.

Frequent Questions

After the chin surgery, a push pad is placed, which the patient has to hold for 2 days. The sutures are removed one week after and the patient can return to his daily activities. It takes great care in order to avoid injury of the area. The incisions are made internally and there are no external incisions indicating the operation.

Post-invasive, the patient will have swell and edema in the area of his chin, symptoms which may fall within a month and the patient may see the results of the operation.







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