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Hifu Non Surgical FaceLift & Body Sculpting

The New Revolutionary therapy for Non-Surgical FaceLift and Body Sculpting

HIFU FINESSE is the latest word of robotic technology, for various specialties, that created the ultimate High Intensive Focused Ultrasound (H.I.F.U.) device.

It is a real revolution that ensures the effectiveness of a Surgical FaceLift and Liposuction.

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HIFU FINESSE with High-Intensive Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), brings to aesthetic medical the knowledge of use focused ultrasounds for decades in other medical departments, for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

The proven clinical effectiveness, High Safety Standards, are just some of the advantages that make HIFU FINESSE the top choice in non-invasive methods. It offers a unique treatment experience for both skin tightening of the face and neck, and for contouring the body without the need of time for rehabilitation.

HIFU FINESSE’s robotic technology during the emission of energy, allows the precise selection of line`s length, millimeter accuracy at shots points and absolute control at inter-pulse intervals. These are some of the important innovations that contribute to control easily the density of the energy and flow in the tissues.

Focused ultrasonic energy flow, achieves the increase of temperature of the epidermal and subcutaneous tissues above + 65 ° C, causing selectively the desired thermal damage. During the past, this selective and highly accurate penetration, could only be achieved with Lifting or Liposuction Surgery.

HIFU FINESSE delivers fractional ultrasound energy consecutively, to the epidermis, to the dermis, to the surface layer of fat, to the SMAS level as well as to the deeper layers of fat, initiating a gradual recovery and tightening of the skin with visible lusting results.

The action of focused ultrasound achieves a tissue damage, that occurs as a function of both temperature (energy supply levels) and time (duration of exposure to energy), in which the targeted tissues are overheated. This time of tissue exposure, as well as the heat levels, are completely controlled and measurable and referred to as “thermal dose”. The scanning of the treated areas, with the focused ultrasound energy, creates heat zones of coagulation, leading to the shrinkage of tissues, to the denaturation of collagen, to neocollagenesis and finally to the skin tightening and recovery, as well as to the removal of undesirable local fat.














Frequent Questions

HiFu therapy is ideal for patients over 3-25 years old who encounter with

Facial and neck skin relaxation

Folds on the skin of the neck or face

Fall of the oval face

Relaxation of the inner thighs, arms, abdomen and knees

HiFu therapy lasts from 45-90 minutes depending on the applied area. After the treatment, the patient feels internally a small swelling without having any obvious external signs. From the first week to 2 months after the application the patient observes that the epidermis is getting tighter, improve its texture and an overall improvement. HiFu therapy is a monotherapy. No repeat is required as its results are permanent. Of course as the passage of time and gravity do not stop it is advisable to repeat treatment on an annual basis.

It is ideal for face treatment – Face Lifting

The rise of the local temperature at least at 65 ° C results a direct contraction of the existing collagen fibers, as well as a distinct thermal coagulation, while preserving the adjacent tissues. Strong energy also stimulates the natural process to form new collagen fibers, which takes place within the areas of thermal coagulation, with unique efficacy in:

Wrinkle Lifting

Periocular zone


Oval face

Neck recovery

Body – Body Sculpting

HIFU FINESSE in body treatments involves, at the same time, the intense thermal effect and the phenomenon of cavitation that cause lipocyte cleavage. High-energy focused ultrasound provides the most effective alternative solution for non-surgical liposuction and to remove the undesirable local fat, in non-obese patients. Innovative converters with a frequency of 1MHz and targeting different focal depths of the body, delivers with accuracy ultrasound energy to subcutaneous fat, destroying selectively adipocyte membranes, while protecting surrounding tissues.
This new technique for sculpting the body is absolutely safe, with minimal sense of pain and free from side effects or recovery time and is suitable for:










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