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Hydroxyapatite Treatment

Hydroxyapatite is an injectable dermal filler with calcium that aims to restore volume and natural contour of the face by promoting the production and deposition of natural collagen, a normal soft tissue filler of the body.

When infused, hydroxyapatite is mixed with the tissue collagen fibers, creating a larger plexus on which the body develops the new collagen. This simply means, that the hydroxyapatite microspheres activate skins collagen production around the area we apply it.

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The beneficial effects of hydroxyapatite are both immediate and long-term. The clinical results are visible up to 2 years, depending on the infusion amount, the patient’s skin quality and age.
In Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group, we apply hydroxyapatite therapy to correct the nose and jaw contour (oval face), the reconstruction of cheekbones, and the treatment of facial atrophy.

Basic functions of hydroxyapatite

  • It restores the volume and the natural contour of the face
  • It causes new collagenogenesis, by increasing naturally the volume of the skin tissue and natural collagen of the skin.

What to expect after treatment with Hydroxyapatite?

After the treatment, the injected filler fills and lifts the treated area, with immediate and visible results

Long-term results: Calcium hydroxyapatite is the longest anti-aging product, since after absorption, it is substituted by a rich network of collagen fibers keeping the result for up to 2 years.






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