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Invasive Argon Plasma Reshaping

Athens Beverly Hills Medical group innovates and presents the new revolutionary reshaping method Argon Plasma.

Recently, a completely new technology was introduced. For years, real skin reshaping and shrinking has been the holy grail for plastic surgeons – this wonderful but vague element that would really make a huge difference in the world of plastic surgery. Now it is finally here and available at the Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group. It is called Argon Plasma and is the ultimate innovation!

  • No incisions & scars
  • Slightly traumatic
  • Minimum recovery time
  • Real skin reshaping

Argon Plasma is based on the state of plasma, which is the fourth state of matter (solid, liquid, gas and plasma). This is clarified to differentiate it from the other type of medical plasma that is believed as the type of liquid part of the blood, such as when you donate plasma to the blood bank. This is the type of ionized gas plasma that allows real skin tightening in the 21st century

Plasma, or ionized gas, is an aroused state of the ionized atom which in this case is Argon. Argon is a very small molecule, so it does not need much energy to ionize. Therefore, the Argon plasma beam creates an environment of about 85 degrees Celsius.

The last few years various technologies have been released that are supposed to tighten the skin. Ultrasound, radio frequency and lasers have been described as skin tightening technologies, but in the end, they are not as effective in cases of extensive relaxation!

How is Argon Plasma being applied?

During application, a cannula input socket less than 3 mm is created. Once the cannula is placed in the area that is under treatment, Argon (noble gas) is released along with radio frequencies and they create a targeted flow of energy, the plasma.

This energy produces a temperature of 85 degrees Celsius for 0.4 millisecond which shrinks the skin, while at the same time the supply of argon cools the treatment area. This combination of energy causes simultaneous contraction and expansion of the tissues, contraction of the fibers and collagen and consequently reshaping.

The Argon Plasma treatment performance is very similar to liposuction, as the Argon Plasma device is applied under the skin from small incisions, in the same way as liposuction cannulas. In fact, in patients who need liposuction and reshaping, both liposuction and Argon Plasma can be performed together to achieve fat loss and recovery at the same time.

In the application of Argon plasma, a special solution is injected under the skin in the area that will be treated. This anesthetizes the area and minimizes completely the sensation of pain. The Argon Plasma cannula is inserted through small incisions and the plasma beam is applied under the skin. When applying the treatment, the difference between the treated skin and the untreated skin is visible. The result is IMMEDIATE!

After the treatment, it is necessary to apply a special compression corset to the area for a month or if the treatment is applied to the double jaw, to place a special strap on the chin. Recovery time is short, apart from minor bruises that may occur, or slight swelling Recovery is quite simple after Argon Plasma treatments. Patients are asked to abstain from exercise for a few weeks and usually return to work and normal daily life within a few days.

In which areas can Argon Plasma treatment be applied?

In the neck, we use Argon Plasm for minimally invasive lift with results that we could never see before. The incisions are hidden under the earlobe and under the chin, the results are impressive.

In the body, Argon Plasma can be applied to the abdomen when excess skin is not enough to justify a tummy tuck. The arms and thighs are other ideal areas to tighten the skin. Even on the knees, it can offer a wonderful improvement in skin texture and quality.

To learn more about this new technology call us at 210 8949090 or fill out the form and make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Athanasiou and his team.
























Frequent Questions

This treatment is suitable and can be applied:

  • Arms
  • Tummy
  • Breast
  • Thighs and adductor muscles
  • Knees
  • Buttocks
  • Face & neck

This treatment lasts less than an hour per area and is done under local anesthesia. In extensive cases of laxity, it can be applied to more than one area. It is also used in combination with other surgeries, such as liposuction.

It has no scars as only one slot is made. After the operation, the patient can return to normal activities as a minimum recovery time is required.

The results of the treatment are permanent as long as the patient’s physical condition is maintained.


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