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Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims at improving the appearance of the body specifically around the abdomen.

Both men and women have issues concerning their abdominal area either due to laxity or due to excess fat. With this procedure, the plastic surgeon removes excess fat and skin from the lower part of the abdomen and at the same time tightens the abdominal wall muscles.

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Most of the times, abdominoplasty is a procedure of choice for women who have gone through pregnancies. This way the doctor can correct both laxity and stretch marks that have possibly formed on the lower part of the abdomen. Men who experience abdominal laxity or lack of elasticity can also benefit from abdominoplasty.

In ABH Medical Group this procedure is successfully performed on men and women. After the procedure, patients experience a great improvement of their appearance and regain their lost self-confidence. The procedure also helps them overcome other issues such as difficulty in finding clothes, negative comments by friends and family, movement difficulties, or, in extreme cases, skin problems that are due to laxity of the abdomen.

There are three different abdominoplasty techniques applied depending on each case.

Classic abdominoplasty: removal of abdominal wall with incision placed above the pubic area, extending from on hipbone to the other, offering the surgeon the opportunity to remove a great amount of loose skin that is the result of pregnancies or extreme sudden weight loss that causes the so-called “hanging belly”.

Circumferential abdominoplasty: one of the major procedures in plastic surgery mainly performed on obese patients with extended laxity in many areas of the body. Skin and fat is removed from around the waist. The procedure is very often combined with simultaneous buttock and thigh lift.

Mini abdominoplasty or “Californian Tummy-Tuck”: this is the most delicate procedure of its kind, performed with a horizontal incision (similar to that of the caesarean section) placed at the lower part of the abdominal wall from where only a small volume of skin is removed. It is usually performed on women who are relatively thin and are mostly concerned about stretch marks or disfigurations of the lower part of their abdomen. The procedure can be easily combined with liposuction. The incision is relatively small and placed below the underwear line.

Frequent Questions

Liposuction is a procedure of choice for targeting accumulated fat around the abdomen, at the front and on the sides. It is preferred in cases of restricted skin laxity and when abdominal muscles are in a good state. In these cases, liposuction in the abdominal area can yield impressive results and there are no restrictions if the patient wish to get pregnant again soon after the procedure. However, in cases where abdominal skin laxity is apparent, as well as in cases where abdominal muscles cannot maintain a satisfactory tone (e.g. after pregnancies, hernias, major weight fluctuations etc.), then abdominoplasty is a one-way road as this is the only procedure that can treat such problems

After a pregnancy, it is recommended to the patient to allow a period of 6 months before proceeding to abdominoplasty. If a woman has gone through abdominoplasty she should allow a reasonable period of time for her body to heal before getting pregnant. However, it is best if a woman chooses to undergo this procedure after her pregnancies and when she decides that she does not want to have any more children. The only reason for this suggestion is that in each pregnancy, the skin of the abdomen is greatly affected and can become saggy again.

The surgery is performed in a hospital environment with total anesthesia or sedation in the safest conditions. At the end of the surgery, patient may feel a little discomfort for 3-4 days due to the removal of excess skin and in many cases the suture of the abdominal muscles. This discomfort can easily be treated with analgesics. At the end of the procedure, a resilient corset is given, which the patient should wear for 3-4 weeks. However, the result always justifies those who has chosen this method. The recovery time is short and the patient can return to his activities after 7 – 10 days.

After surgery the results of abdominoplasty are immediately visible in the highest ercentage and completed about after a month. After such a procedure, it is very important for the patient to control her/his weight. Exercise always helps towards maintaining a good shape. Abdominoplasty involves the removal of excess skin which will never grow back. However, sudden and extreme weight gain or a pregnancy may once again change patients body appearance.







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