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Neck Liposuction (Double Chin)

Double chin is an imperfection that embarrasses a large portion of women.

Many times it is not visible in the mirror, but you are most likely to see it in a photo – it’s the one you want to destroy and shut off everywhere.
As we grow older, the skin loses its elasticity. Variations in weight also play their role, as does heredity. This is how the annoying double chin is created.

Dr. Athanasiou and the ABH Medical Group’s specialized medical team can help you get rid of double chin permanently with the liposuction Vaser method. It is a new technology method that removes fat without causing tissue damage. In order the method to be successful, the VASER device is used. The uniqueness of the device lies in the fact that through the heat which is produced by the radiofrequency, we achieve an equable fluidisation of the fat, while at the same time we cause vasoconstriction. Edema and ecchymosis is post-surgically minimized while it is caused fibroblast irritation and tightening the area where it is applied. Thus, one of the major problems of liposuction, is practically solved, the hanging or the loosening of areas, where large amounts of fatty tissue are removed, as well as waves that often occur in classical liposuction.




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Frequent Questions

In contrast to the classical liposuction method, ultrasounds break down the membranes of the adipocyte and their contents are fragmented. Practically, fat is getting oiled, in a non traumatic and minimally invasive way that drastically reduces tissue destruction.

The procedure is performed with local anesthesia, and hospitalization is not required. An elastic bandage is placed for 5 days after the end of which the patient returns normally to his activities.

The results are immediately visible after the end of the procedure. In the first week there is a small swelling in the area, which is gradually receding. The patient sees immediate skin tightening and elimination of the annoying double chin.


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