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Liquid Facelift 360

Exclusively by Dr. Fatsea at the ABH Medical Group

Liquid facelift 360 is the term we use to describe all the treatments applied to the face of a patient in order to achieve total rejuvenation and revitalization. Air pollution, fatigue, stress and even strong emotions are imprinted on the most vulnerable part of a woman. Her face! In addition, as we grow older, collagen and elastin are reduced, so that the contour of the face is distorted and wrinkles appear while the existing ones become deeper and more visible.

Dr. Dolly Fatsea at ABH Medical Group applies a range of techniques adjusted to each individual’s needs that provide shiny and vigorous skin.

These techniques include:

  • Deep Moisturizing and cleansing of the skin
  • In-depth reconstruction with Fraxel laser or Vampire Lift®
  • Botulinum toxin treatment in order to smooth wrinkles
  • Treatment with hyaluronic acid fillers to restore volume
  • Treatment with hydroxyapatite (lactic acid filler) to reconstruct the shape of the face
  • PDO Face Threads

The liquid facelift 360 is the ideal treatment for patients who do not wish to resort in an invasive face lift and want treatments that are truly designed and aimed to cover the specifics of each face individually.

The recovery time is minimal and the results are immediately visible!

Frequent Questions

This treatment addresses to men and women, whose face signs of time are visible. It`s the ideal treatment for those who are concerned by the expression wrinkles, volume loss from facial skin, relaxation, double chin, and wish restructuring in depth and tightening the skin.

All facelift 360 treatments can be completed within one or two visits at the ABH Medical Group. The results are directly visible and completed immediately after the treatment. Depending on the applied services, the results have a duration of 18-24 months.

Liquid facelift 360 is applicable to the following issues

  • Smoothing expression wrinkles of the forehead, mid eye brow, around eyes and lips
  • Restoration of lips volume and nasopharyngeal areas
  • Restoration of the volume the cheekbones area
  • Correcting black circles (tear trough)
  • Oval face reconstruction
  • Reconstruction and tightening of the neckline
  • To smooth neck wrinkles
  • Double chin correction







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