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Magellan®  Skin Treatment (Vampire Lift)

The most advanced autologous mesotherapy treatment guarantees a youthful and shiny skin!

The treatment or Magellan® Vampire Lift is the most advanced method of autologous mesotherapy resulting to complete face rejuvenation, neck and décolleté, which leads to an impressive and youthful look.

It is a rejuvenation treatment which uses growth factors, that are derived from blood and in particular the platelets rich in plasma. The infusion of those growth factors in the face and body, leads to the activation of the stem cells to create new tissues including collagen, fatty tissue (for gloss) and new blood vessels (for youthful appearance).

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The uniqueness of Vampire Lift treatment lies in the blood centrifugation system which:
1. It is fully automated and therefore there is no blood exposure to the environment.
2. It has a unique photocell that controls and measures the levels of platelet aggregation and ensures maximum concentration has been reached at the end of centrifugation.
3. Practically, it gives us plasma 10 times richer in platelets compared to other autologous treatments.
4. Just one application is sufficient for spectacular results, unlike other methods that need to be repeated 3 or 4 times within a year.

The Magellan® Vampire Lift treatment corrects a wide range of facial problems with impressive results.

Frequent Questions

Treatment can be applied at patients of any age as it uses the plasma rich in platelets of the body itself and there are no undesirable side effects. Even from younger ages to revitalize the skin to older patients for tightening and treating skin relaxation, the results are amazing.

Magellan® treatment  results give an impressive youthful skin complexion and are completed gradually within the first 3 months post treatment. They last approximately 2 years.

Magellan® corrects a wide range of facial problems with impressive results.

  • Acne scars and surgical incisions
  • Dilator dilution
  • Blush and dull skin
  • Skin lesions
  • Strong wrinkles and fine lines
  • Dandruff, blobs and spots
  • Loss of tumor in connective tissue







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