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appricot buttocks

Brazilian Buttocks

Leave your indelible mark.

Highlight your curves

With the new lipotransfer treatment


Get rid of

the unwanted hairs once and for all

with Alexandrite Arion Laser depilation

Laser Bikini & Armpits at 50€/session.

*6 sessions package

kiwi bikini
Cactus Laser

Soft, velvet and smooth legs

with Alexandrite Arion Laser Hair Removal

Get rid of the unwanted hairs once and for all

Full Legs laser 80€ per session

*6 sessions package

Try Alexandrite Arion Depilation

Get rid of

the unwanted hairs once and for all

Back Laser 80€/session

*6 sessions package

lemon ice

Put on ice cellulite and local fat

Fight once and for all cellulite

Combination package for treating cellulite

and local fat.

Coaxmed 4 sessions + 1 Cryolipo session for free

At 400€

Are you blurred by your local fat?

Watch your body transforming as per your desire.

Non invasive liposuction at 900€/ per spot

avocado New
apple biofiller

Εύρηκα! My filler is better than yours.

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Six pack now

Vaser 4D High Definition

For an athletic and fit body

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