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Photodynamic Celluma Treatment

Photodynamic Celluma therapy, by using NASA know-how, is a multidimensional, efficient medical device designed to improve your health and help you look younger and shinier!

It was designed in the United States and in Aesthetic medicine is considered as one of the most important scientific applications of low intensity light, which has not only been awarded, but it is the only FDA-certified and EU-certified.

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The device is designed to heal painlessly and non-invasively, skin problems such as acne, to significantly reduce wrinkles and relieve muscle aches, joint and ligament problems, even bruises.

The device simultaneously emits blue, red and infrared radiation. As each radiation absorbs at different depths, it naturally “feeds” energy to the cells, helping them to renew and restore their healing functions.

It is applied to the selected areas by specialized doctors of Athens Beverly Hills Clinic and for even more impressive results, can be combined with other therapies, such as laser or microdermabrasion.


4-week clinical investigations have shown that:

-The 80% of those who tested the application saw a perceptible improvement of the skin quality.

-The 77% saw a noticeable improvement of the face contour.

-The 63% saw a visible reduction in wrinkles.

Also, the Celluma medical device with low-intensity radiation penetrates deep into the cells and activates ATP (the adenosine triphosphate), which is the “fuel” for cell renewal, by boosting the metabolic processes of the cells, as a result:

-Decreases the inflammation

-Destroys the bacteria that cause acne

– accelerates the healing of tissues

-relaxes from muscle spasms and ligament pains

-Reduces joints pains

Celluma Light Therapy is designed for you who want to show … many years younger and refreshed with a safe, scientifically proven, non-invasive treatment, exclusively by the specialized medical staff of Athens Beverly Hills Clinic.

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