Rejuvenation Of Genital Area

Aesthetic gynaecology is a field of medicine that gains more and more ground the last years, while gives a woman the opportunity to improve the image and the functionality of the intimate area.

It includes invasive and non-invasive procedures that aim to change esthetics and/or functional aspects that have to do with abnormalities or changes of genitals of women. The number of women that looking for solutions about their genitals from ideal doctors is rising dramatically, while doctors can offer a complete set of treatments!

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With the operations that esthetic gynecology offers the genitals are getting revitalized, while the enjoyment of sexual activity increases. Aging and accouchement- sometimes even inheritance characteristics- can affect the apparition and the functionality of the vagina and the vulva.

The most common functional problem that women face is vaginal laxity. This can happen after the accouchement.

Conveniently, it is an issue that bothers younger and older women, and often is a taboo that creates loss of confidence and loss of sexual activity pleasure!

In Athens Beverly hills, we have innovated this field so that we can offer the latest solutions with safety and security to our clients that trust us. The executive doctor Dr Alexandros Banter, who is scientific director, in corporation with Dr Athanasiou Athanasio, plastic surgeon and Dr Fatsea Dolly, dermatologist/venereologist, have created a set of esthetic gynecologist treatments.




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  • Vagina Lift
  • Intimate Lift - Intimate white
  • Hyaluronic Implants for bulk loss
  • Hyaluronic Implants for confrontation of vaginal dryness
  • Magellan O-shot
  • Surgical rebuilding out-genital area
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Tightness and reconstruction of the vagina- Vagina Lift

• Treatment duration: 10 minutes
• No recovery time
• Sessions needed:2-4

The treatment is suitable for all types of women. A woman can do the treatment 4-6 weeks after the accouchement. Especially if there are any stiches it will help with the tightening of the area and the scars.

Replaces the atrophy of the vagina-tightening, helps with the hydration of the area. Helps enuresis!
Vagina atrophy is the loss of natural structural collagen and the shape of the vaginal tissue that can occur from aging or after an accouchement.
The combined technology manages to accomplish the incubation and the tighten of the vaginal mucosa, which is leading to an improvement in the life quality of the patient. The treatment is accomplished with two wavelengths of laser in the vaginal tissue to arouse the contraction of mucosa, and the production of collagen, in order to gain the normal vaginal elasticity.
There is no bleeding after the treatment, and no recovery time as well.

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Intimate lift Treatment -Intimate white

• Treatment duration: 20 minutes
• No recovery time
• Sessions needed: 5-6
• Treatment suitable for all kinds of women

The whitening of the vulva-anus aim to the permanent absolution of the dark color In the labia area, perineum area and the anus area, which most of the times, if its not congenital then it is the result of hormonal changes, age or accouchement. Vulva whitening, a safe surgery without pain, that is being accomplished with specific nanotechnology peeling. The treatment is painless and has no retreatment time. The results are directly visible, while only 8-10 sessions are needed for the final result. The treatment can be also combined with a surgery that will decrease hypertrophic labia, with the use of hyaluronic implants or with intradermal treatment O-shot.

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Hyaluronic Implants for bulk loss

  • Treatment duration: 10-15 minutes
  • Zero Recovery time
  • Sessions needed 1-2

The appearance of bigger labia is very important for the aesthetic of the genitals, while it is still a taboo for many women. Extremely important is also the functional role, while they protect the vagina and the urethra. While the years pass, many times is being noticed loss of bulk from the specific area, and flaccidity of the skin. This has as a result the burden of the psychology, while more sexual dysfunction is being caused. The hyaluronic implants now give the solution to the reconstruction of the women genitals to restore the lost bulk.

In Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group, Dr Theodora Fatsea, applies the treatment with divinely results by using the safest and latest technology materials, that are globally verified.

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Hyaluronic Implants for confrontation of vaginal dryness

  • Treatment Time: 10-15 minutes
  • Zero recovery time
  • Sessions needed 1-2

Degression of estrogen mainly during the menopause, is the most usual reason for vaginal dryness. Estrogens lead to the production of mucus in the vagina, which have the ability to lube the area. Except from menopause, loss of estrogen can be found during breastfeeding. Also except from estrogen, responsible for the vaginal dryness can be long use of meds or vaginal infections. Hyaluronic implants are used in situations of dyspareunia and for the reconstruction of atrophy of the vaginal mucous membrane. Incredibly popular treatment is the boost of “G” spot, that increases sexual pleasure. Hyaluronic acid gives support to collagen fibers, that boosts the mast and keeps the water in the epitheliums. That function helps to the slenderness and the flexibility of the mast.

In Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group, Dr Theodora Fatsea, applies the treatment with divinely results by using the safest and latest technology materials, that are globally verified.

magellan O-shot

Autologous intradermal treatment Magellan Ο-shot

  • Treatment time: 20-30 minutes
  • Recovery time: 2-3 days
  • Sessions needed: 1

As used in other treatments as well, the treatment is working with growth factors that reconstruct the area. Renewal of cells is being done, vascularity is improved, fibroblasts multiply is stimulated, so collagen does. The treatment is being applied in the area to improve and boost the functionality during sexual interaction (O shot) and in the vagina to boost the mucous membrane. In case of mild condition of enuresis, the autologous intradermal treatment helps for the cure of it. Its being applied indexical in the urethral up to vagina, while it leads in the thickening of the mast that supports the urethral and also for the increase of muscle tone. It can be combined with hyaluronic acid for the increase of the labia size, technique that seems to give better results, that lasts longer. Finally, it helps at the sclerothrophic lichen, a condition of the area.

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Surgical rebuilding out-genital area

  • Treatment duration: 1-2 hours
  • Recovery time: 5-10 days

Perineum plastic surgery: A laser or radio-frequency surgery, that aims to muscle tightening in perineum area, after a looseness that might have appeared after a hard labor or after an episiotomy with unsuccessful stiches. Perineum is the area between the vulva and the rectum.
Plastic reconstruction of out-genital area: This surgery reconstructs the out-genital area tissues of a woman. It includes reformation of the pube and the labia shape while, when needed, left-over skin is being removed. This surgery is being applied with laser or radio-frequency techniques.
Reconstruction of labia: In the specific surgery, the left-over skin or fat is being removed from the labia, while the remained skin is being tightened. Labia, sometimes, are asymmetrical or bigger than usual by nature, and bother the woman.
Vulva Plastic surgery: Changes in vulva area, especially after pregnancy or labor, lead to the confidence loss of a woman. Vulva plastic surgery is the solution for this insecurity, a surgery that restores aesthetically the unshapely tissues in the out-genitals area, and the whole labia area. The size of them may create an aesthetical (weakness to wear tight clothes) or functional (pain in sexual intercourse) problem.


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