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Rejuvenation Of Genital Area

Hyaluronic acid implants
The appearance of the large labia of the vulva is very important for the aesthetics of the “sensitive area”, while it is still a taboo for many women. Their functional role is also extremely important as they protect the vagina and the urethra. At the passage of the years, there is often observed a loss of volume in the area and skin relaxation. As a result of this, is the burden in women psychology, and many times even sexual dysfunction is caused.

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Hyaluronic acid implants provide a solution in the reconstruction of the woman’s genital area, by restoring the lost volume, while they are used in cases of dyspareunia and for restoring atrophy of the vaginal mucosa. A particularly popular treatment, by strengthening the area of the “G” spot, which improves sexual pleasure. Hyaluronic acid provides mechanical support to collagen fibers, strengthens the tissue and keeps water inside the epithelia. With this mechanism it contributes to the firmness and elasticity of tissues.

In Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group, Dr. Dolly Fatsea applies the treatment with amazing results using the most secure, new technology materials with international certifications.

Autologous Mesotherapy Ο-shot

As with the other therapies where it is used, treatment works through growth factors that reconstruct the area. This means that cells are renewed, vasculature improves, fibroblast proliferation is stimulated, and collagen production is induced.

The Autologous Mesotherapy is used in the clitoral area to improve its functioning during sexual contact (O shot) and the vagina to strengthen its mucosa. Autologous Mesotherapy also helps In cases of mild incontinence. It is injected between urethra and vagina and gradually leads to the fattening of the tissues that support urethra and the increase of the muscular tone. It can be mixed with hyaluronic acid to increase the size of the lips, a technique that seems to give a nicer and longer-lasting effect.

Intimate Whitening Treatment

Vulva and anal bleaching is aimed at removing permanently the dark color from the area of ​​labia vulva, of perineum and perianal area, which may be the result of hormonal changes, age or births. Bleaching of the vulva, is a safe and painless, which is applied with special nanotechnology materials. The treatment is painless and does not require any recovery. The results are immediately visible, while in about 8-10 treatments we achieve the final result. Treatment can also be combined with surgery for hypertrophic lip reduction, by applying hyaluronic acid and Autologous Mesotherapy implants.




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