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RF Microneedling

RF Microneedling constitutes an innovative, slightly invasive treatment with RF radiofrequencies which revive the skin and improves elasticity. RF Microneedling treatment arouses the natural healing treatment, via collagen and elastin production, by redeveloping the damaged skin and make it look shine and healthy again.

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The new radiofrequencies therapy is indicated for the photoaging treatment of the skin, wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scars and skin/face or body laxity. During the therapy, with the latest technology RF Microneedling, the radiofrequencies cause thermal arousal in the lower layer of the skin, without affecting the complexion.

The therapy can be applied full face, cheeks, the areas around the eyes and the jaw. Apart from the face, it can also be applied in the neck, cleavage, hands and whichever part of the human body.

The results are immediate and are visible right after the treatment with clear improvements of the skin tone and elasticity, while wrinkles and discolorations are diminishing.  Reconstruction of the skin is a procedure that keeps going on for a long time.

The therapy is safe, painless for the patient with the help of a parallel cooling therapy, affordable, that offers a shiny skin via the natural procedure of the reconstruction of the skin.

The specific therapy does not affect everyday activities. Right after the application, redness and edema might appear but they retire immediately.

RF Microneedling therapy favors, comparing to other skin reconstructing therapies because: It is painless, requires minimum recovery time, permeates in the chosen depth 0,5-3,0mm in the lower skin layer and arouses the fibroblasts for collagen and elastin production.

Additionally, it does not affect the skin, it is suitable for every skin type, can be applied in every season even in the summer. Finally, it has the less risk for any complication appearance, such as the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.





Complete tightening& reconstruction with RF Microneedling

Say “NO” in expandable pores and the dull skin!

Revitalization of the skin and elasticity improvement with the latest radiofrequency technology that arouses the natural healing process via collagen and elastin production.

Regenerates damaged skin by making it look shine and healthy again

Therapy suitable for the photoaging of the skin treatment, spots, wrinkles, stretch marks, acne spots and face or body laxity.

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