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Acquire the perfect nose, fully aligned with the shape and lines of your face!

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common procedures performed on men and women who wish to correct anatomic and functional problems of their nose. Facial features can be easily distorted by a nose that stands out. This causes several problems and a feeling of insecurity while people with a misshapen nose are often the recipients of comments that accentuate the problem and harm their self-esteem.

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The modern surgical methods of rhinoplasty allows an extremely natural result that makes the nose “indifferent” and does not attract attention. When the nose is in harmony with the other features of the face and surgical intervention can not be perceived. Rhinoplasty has been described as “the most interesting of all aesthetic interventions” because it is a highly variable procedure that varies from patient to patient, offers both aesthetic and functional improvement while patient expectations are very high. For the above reasons, it is extremely important the right choice of an experienced plastic surgeon who is able to recognize the problem and perform the appropriate specialized surgical intervention.
Dr. Athanasiou, who has trained in the most modern surgical methods of rhinoplasty (ultrasonic piezo rhinoplasty), can help you get the nose that fits harmoniously in your face!

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Directly after removing the special small splint, you can directly see the difference in the shape and morphology of the nose. As the swelling recedes, it will become more visible. In a month, 60-70% of the result is completed.

A well-trained plastic surgeon is able to diagnose and effectively treat scoliosis of the nasal diaphragm and nasal conchae hypertrophy during the rhinoplasty procedure. The nasal skeleton must be therefore treated in total to achieve good cosmetic and functional result.

The rhinoplasty surgery does not have a difficult postoperative period and the pain is negligible. The main sensation that patients describe immediately after the surgery is that of mild “weight”. During surgery, a “plaster” is placed to stabilize the result, which is removed one week after the surgery together with some very thin sutures. During the first 24 hours you will have some haemostatic gauze in the nostrils, so you will need to breath by mouth. After their removal, gradually and with the help of nasal washings with normal saline breathing is restored to normal and in several cases where the pre-existing problem was functional patients can breathe significantly better. Usually there are bruises around the eyes which, after the first two weeks, recede. Post-surgery there will be swelling in the nasal area, which 60-70% of it subsides within the first month, while the remainder gradually disappears within 6 months to one year after surgery.







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