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Skin Patches And Dyschromia

By the term “skin patches” or “melasma“, we define skin lesions, which are brown in color and larger than the spots. They are very common skin damages and appear more thoroughly in women than men. Melasma occurs more often in women with darker skin because in them the cells which are responsible for melanin production stimulates.

Melasma can occur mainly during pregnancy and during exposure to sunlight. The melasma that occurs during pregnancy is also called a “pregnancy mask” and is a more aesthetic problem that often subdues by itself a few months after childbirth. If it remains or worsens, it is advisable to ask your dermatologist for advice.

They mainly located in the face, usually on the forehead, the upper lip, cheekbones and cheeks and in the body mainly in the summer due to increased melanin production.

In women who are genetically predisposed, the appearance of skin patches can be accelerated due to hormonal problems, such as polycystic ovaries, or because of the use of contraceptives.

In ABH Medical Group, Dr. Fatsea and her specialized team use a range of techniques and treatments for the cure of melasma and dyschromias.






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