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Skin Relaxation

Relaxation is one of the main problems faced by women regarding to the image of their face and body. Over time, the muscles weaken and the tissues lose their vitality, while the skin loses its elasticity as the fibers of collagen and elastin are altered. Of course, other factors, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, poor nutrition, stress, lack of sleep during night hours, reduced activity etc., may affect the relaxation of skin and muscles.

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Relaxation can occur in many different parts of the body and face. In the abdomen after birth, in the whole body after a large or sudden weight loss.

With the advance of technology there are now several methods to improve the appearance. The treatments that are encountered can be injectable, performed with the use of laser or ultrasound with plastic surgery, etc. There are dozens of ways invasive or non-invasive, and various techniques depending on the body’s area and the individual needs of each woman.



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