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Tubular Breasts

Tubular breasts are the result of abnormal development of the volume and shape of breasts during puberty, mainly due to lack of skin elasticity around the areola. The degree of deformity varies among patients while it is also common for patients to experience significant differences between the two breasts.

The mammary gland herniates towards the areola thus making the deformity visible. The breast is small with expansion of the areola and its shape resembles a tube.
UNFURLING is a surgical technique that corrects this condition with the use of silicone implant and an incision of only a few centimetres on the areola border. Small radial incisions are made around the areola to help correct the surrounding skin. This technique usually corrects the shape, size and breast- areola ratio.

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Performed early during puberty, a corrective procedure based on radial incisions will allow normal development of the breasts in terms of volume and shape and stop the shaping of tubular breasts.

Tubular breasts are not just small and under-developed. The typical features of their clinical condition are:

  1. Large and inflatable nipples
  2. Long distance between the two breasts
  3. Fall of the breasts more than the hypomastic
  4. Asymmetry between the breasts

This situation can affect the woman’s breastfeeding and often there are not enough dairy milk resources to produce milk.

Frequent Questions

Reconstruction of tubular breasts is always associated with breast augmentation or complex breast augmentation.

Patients with tubular breasts are most likely to have diminished breast milk ducts and breastfeeding ability. Rehabilitation surgery does not affect breastfeeding ability further.

The surgery is performed in a hospital environment under general anesthesia or sedation in the safest conditions. The patient at the end feels a little infestation. The recovery time is short while she can return to work after a week. Post-operation, patient will need to wear a sports bra. The first change is on the 1st day after the surgery where the dressing is checked and the patient can take a shower. A mild massage can help remove swelling and relieve the area. The sutures are absorbable and in the first month it is recommended to avoid heavy hand movement and gymnastics.

The result of breast augmentation is directly visible while its details are evident after the first week, when the swelling subsides.







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