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Composite Breast Augmentation

Composite Breast Augmentation

Composite breast augmentation is a new method that changes data on that kind of interventions by combining silicone implants and autologous fat transfer.
Composite breast augmentation combines the projection of the core volume of breast implants with the feel of overlying fat offering natural shape, volume and texture. Until now, the classical breast augmentation was made with implants (round or anatomical) to achieve the desired growth and was quite popular in women around the world. In recent years, the process is also takes place by using autologous fat (from the woman’s own body), if only there is sufficient quantity to do so.

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New developments in plastic surgery have opened the way for Composite Augmentation, which uses the potential of both techniques (silicone implants and autologous fat). Specifically, it combines the following advantages: the projection of the core volume of breast implants with the feel of overlying fat offering natural shape, volume and texture. So the result is perfect in every aspect (shape and texture). The fat is taken from body parts where there is excess fat with a specific liposuction technique. The areas from which we can take it are belly, thighs and buttocks. It is followed by assiduous processing and centrifugation in order to eliminate all its blood and fatty liquid elements. The clean solid fat is used as a graft and is placed around the silicone implant or above it. Transplanted fat also gives volume to the subcutaneous area of the breast.
With the application of silicone implants, the skin in the chest area is stretched. So the fat is repositioned more easily, ensuring a perfect result. Fat implant over and around silicone implants ensures smooth appearance in the case of very slim patients with thin skin. The amount of fat is determined by the plastic surgeon in order to incorporate it quickly (blood flow). When the amount is correct, the excess volume is in harmony with the implants and the result is perfect. Read also about breast augmentation.
The Composite Breast Augmentation provides double benefit to each patient during surgery, which is breast augmentation and liposuction.
In recent years the use of the new technique is quite widespread in America and Europe, meanwhile Dr Athanasiou also performs it in Greece with great success, in order to bring a symmetrical and beautiful final result.






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