UTH Laser Skin Reconstruction

Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group recommends you the new revolutionary method Uth Laser.

Uth laser is the first and unique laser that, due to the innovative double technology that has, it combines high standard wavelengths 10600 nm and 1540 nm into sequentially or simultaneously fractional emission.

When these two wavelengths emit together, they maximize the benefits of the laser, with successful results even in one session. The combined technology faces successfully aged skins with wrinkles or dyschromia marks, acne scars or even traumas and vaginal atrophy, with minimum recovery time for the patient.

Uth laser Treatments

  1. Wrinkle smoothing and Face/Neck tightening

Even with one session Uth Laser smoothens the wrinkles and improves the skin, offering a young & shine result, while at the same time it conducts tissue tightening.

  1. Scar recovery

Uth Laser due to double ablative& non ablative laser technology recovers the scars, that might have occurred from acne or accidents. After the first session, the action continues systematically after the application, where we can see scars improvement up to 70%. With the combination of an intradermal treatment, the results are visible

  1. Dyschromia cure

The combined technology of CO2 Fractional with GAaS laser allow us the successful cure of blotches or stains that sun exposure creates, but even from melasma that a pregnancy mask can create. In many cases, depending on the melasma condition, more therapies are needed for its cure.

  1. Vaginal atrophy cure

Vaginal atrophy is the lack of natural structural collagen thickness and the shape of the vaginal tissue that might appear because of aging or after childbirth. The combined technology Uth Laser achieves the incubation and the tightening of the vaginal mucous membrane and improves drastically the life quality of the patient.
The treatment is being conducted with two wavelengths laser into the vaginal tissue in order to arouse the contraction of the mucous membrane and the production of new collagen, in order to achieve the normal elasticity level. There is no blood after the application and there is no recovery time.

Treatment Time: 30 – 45 minutes

No recovery time

Sessions needed:  2 – 4






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