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Vaser Smooth

VASER Smooth treats effectively cellulite!

Cellulite creates on the skin an image of an orange peel because of the water and fat deposition. It usually occurs in the thighs, hips and buttocks and is a very common malady in women of all ages and body weight. There are many factors that can trigger it, while it is very important the role of genetic predisposition, hormones and weight fluctuations.

First of all, for the treatment of cellulite, the surface fat should be reduced. In addition, some of the fibrous diaphragms have to relax, in order to have flat and smooth skin, and thirdly, the skin needs to be strengthened to smooth out its surface.

Until recently, this combined fight against cellulite has been difficult to accomplish. Several non-invasive treatments showed moderate and temporary effects, requiring countless treatments.

How VASER Smooth works

The VASER Smooth technique allows the treatment of cellulite with immediate and visible results. We proceed to the technique with local anesthesia in our clinic. Prior to the procedure, if the patient desires so, a tranquilizer may be given in order to relax. Through a few tiny incisions that close without sutures or scars, local anesthesia is injected under the skin, so that the area becomes numb.

By using a thin cannula which emits ultrasounds and is designed specifically for under the skin use, the VASER reduces the superficial fat, breaks the fold created fibrous diaphragms and tightens the loose skin, providing a smoother look and texture of the skin.

After treatment, a bandage or elastic corset is placed in the intervention areas and the patient can go home without any discomfort. Most patients can have a shower the next day, return to their work within 24 hours, while exercise can start a few days later.

Patient can see the immediate results from the very first week, which gradually improve within 3-6 months.

VASER Smooth therapy can be combined with:

• Coaxmed RF
• Body Mesotherapy
• PDO threads




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